Financial Management App

create a color pallet that uses #004848 for the background primary color for a financial management app

Financial Management App

1. #004848 (Deep Teal): This will be the primary background color, providing a professional and trustworthy feel that is essential for a financial management app.

2. #007070 (Medium Teal): This color can be used for highlighting important information or for hover effects on interactive elements, providing a good contrast with the primary background color.

3. #00A1A1 (Light Teal): This color can be used for buttons, links, or other interactive elements, drawing the user's attention and encouraging interaction.

4. #F2C94C (Golden Yellow): This color can be used for notifications, warnings, or to highlight particularly important information, providing a strong contrast with the other colors in the palette.

5. #FFFFFF (White): This color will be used for primary text, ensuring readability against the darker background colors.

This palette uses varying shades of teal to create a cohesive and professional look, with a golden yellow for contrast and emphasis, and white for clear, readable text. The deep teal background gives a sense of trustworthiness and stability, important for a financial management app.