Logo Palette

Create a color palette for my handicap business that goes with our logo two colors of #05549f and #f26522. The business is financing in wheelchair accessible vehicles

Logo Palette

1. #05549F (Strong Blue): This color is taken directly from your logo. It's a strong, confident color that can be used for important elements such as headers and call-to-action buttons.

2. #3A75C4 (Moderate Blue): This is a lighter shade of the strong blue. It can be used for less important elements or to provide a contrast to the strong blue.

3. #F26522 (Vibrant Orange): This vibrant color is also from your logo. It can be used to draw attention to key information or to create a sense of urgency.

4. #F9A677 (Light Orange): This is a lighter shade of the vibrant orange. It can be used for secondary information or to provide a softer contrast to the vibrant orange.

5. #E0E0E0 (Light Gray): This neutral color can be used for backgrounds, borders, or text. It's a soft color that won't distract from the more vibrant colors in the palette.

This palette combines the strong blue and vibrant orange from your logo with softer, lighter shades of these colors. The addition of a neutral light gray allows for versatility in design, ensuring that the vibrant colors can stand out where necessary. This palette is both professional and accessible, reflecting the nature of your business.