Solar Energy Palette

Two colors for the solar energy company logo with dark blue

Solar Energy Palette

1. #0D47A1 (Dark Blue): This color will be the primary color of your logo, symbolizing reliability, trust, and authority. It's a strong color that can easily catch attention and is often associated with solar energy and sustainability.

2. #FFC107 (Amber): This color will serve as an accent color in your logo. It represents solar energy, warmth, and positivity. It will provide a nice contrast to the dark blue and give your logo a vibrant, energetic feel.

3. #BDBDBD (Light Gray): This color can be used for the text or any secondary elements in your logo. It's neutral and won't distract from the main colors, but will provide enough contrast for readability.

4. #4CAF50 (Green): This color can be used to symbolize the eco-friendly aspect of your solar energy company. It's a color often associated with nature, growth, and renewal.

5. #FFEB3B (Bright Yellow): This color can be used sparingly to highlight the most important elements of your logo. It's a color often associated with the sun, energy, and optimism.

This palette combines strong, reliable dark blue with vibrant amber, neutral light gray, eco-friendly green, and energetic bright yellow. It's perfect for a solar energy company looking to convey reliability, energy, and eco-friendliness.