Galaxy Room

Create a color for my galaxy themed room
The Galaxy Room palette is inspired by the depth and mystery of space. It features a range of blues, from the deep Indigo Dye to the light and tranquil Periwinkle, with Isabelline representing distant stars. This palette is perfect for creating a serene, galaxy-themed room.

Galaxy Room

#1A237E (Indigo Dye)
This deep indigo is perfect for the main wall color, representing the depth of space.
#283593 (Resolution Blue)
A slightly lighter blue for accent walls or furniture, providing a nice contrast to the Indigo Dye.
#5C6BC0 (Blue Bell)
This softer blue can be used for textiles like curtains or bed linens, adding a touch of lightness.
#9FA8DA (Periwinkle)
A pale, greyish-blue for accessories and accents, bringing a sense of calm and tranquility.
#E8EAF6 (Isabelline)
A very light grey with a hint of blue, perfect for the ceiling, representing distant stars.
Make my palette more vibrant
To make your palette more vibrant, I've selected colors with higher saturation while still maintaining the galaxy theme. The new palette includes: #1A237E (Indigo Dye), #0000FF (Pure Blue), #483D8B (Dark Slate Blue), #9370DB (Medium Purple), #E6E6FA (Lavender).

Vibrant Galaxy

#1A237E (Indigo Dye)
This deep indigo dye can be used as a primary color for walls or furniture to create a sense of depth.
#0000FF (Pure Blue)
Pure Blue can be used for accents and highlights to bring vibrancy to the room.
#483D8B (Dark Slate Blue)
Dark Slate Blue can be used for textural elements like rugs or cushions to add a touch of sophistication.
#9370DB (Medium Purple)
Medium Purple can be used for decorative elements to add a touch of whimsy.
#E6E6FA (Lavender)
Lavender can be used for lighter elements like curtains or bedding to provide a calming balance to the vibrant colors.