Personal Website Palette

create a color palette for my personal website
This palette combines deep blues, vibrant turquoise, and warm neutrals for a professional yet inviting personal website. The colors are designed to work together harmoniously, providing contrast and interest without overwhelming the viewer.

Personal Website Palette

#3A506B (Bay of Many)
A deep, calming blue for your website's background, providing a professional and serene atmosphere.
#5BC0BE (Turquoise Topaz)
A vibrant turquoise for highlights and interactive elements, drawing attention and encouraging engagement.
#F4F1BB (Cream Can)
A light, warm cream for your website's text, ensuring readability against the darker background.
#D6DBB2 (Double Colonial White)
A muted yellow-green for secondary elements and accents, complementing the main colors without overwhelming them.
#E8DAB2 (Champagne)
A soft, warm beige for backgrounds on text boxes and panels, providing contrast and visual interest.
Make my palette softer
To make the palette softer, I've chosen lighter and less saturated colors. The new palette includes: #5A789A (Wedgewood), #88C0D0 (Fountain Blue), #F6F6D9 (Black White), #E0E6C8 (Zombie), #F2E6B1 (Champagne).

Soft Personal Website Palette

#5A789A (Wedgewood)
A soft blue color, perfect for backgrounds and large areas.
#88C0D0 (Fountain Blue)
A light blue color, great for highlighting and accents.
#F6F6D9 (Black White)
A very light yellow, good for backgrounds and text.
#E0E6C8 (Zombie)
A soft green color, suitable for accents and highlights.
#F2E6B1 (Champagne)
A soft yellow color, ideal for accents and highlights.