Retro Space

Create a retro space-inspired colour pallete
The 'Retro Space' palette is inspired by the vastness and mystery of the cosmos. It combines deep, dark blues with vibrant reds and a touch of muted silver, creating a sense of the infinite and the exciting. Perfect for projects that aim to evoke a sense of wonder and exploration.

Retro Space

#2B2D42 (Galactic Midnight)
A deep, dark blue that can be used as a base or background color, giving a sense of the vastness of space.
#8D99AE (Stardust Silver)
A muted silver color, perfect for accents and to represent the glimmer of distant stars.
#EDF2F4 (Comet Tail)
A light, almost white color, ideal for text or to provide contrast against the darker colors.
#EF233C (Nebula Red)
A vibrant red, reminiscent of nebulas and galaxies, can be used for highlights or to draw attention to specific elements.
#D90429 (Rocket Red)
A deep, intense red, perfect for creating a sense of drama and excitement, like a rocket blasting off into space.
For the alternative retro space-inspired palette, I've chosen a different set of colors that still evoke the same theme. I've included #1A1B26 (Deep Space), #717D8A (Meteorite Grey), #ECEEF5 (Starlight White), #F54748 (Supernova Scarlet), and #C51130 (Galaxy Garnet).

Alternative Retro Space

#1A1B26 (Deep Space)
This color can be used as a primary background color, representing the vastness of space.
#717D8A (Meteorite Grey)
This color can be used for secondary elements, such as borders or text, providing a metallic touch reminiscent of meteorites.
#ECEEF5 (Starlight White)
This color can be used for highlights and accents, representing the light of distant stars.
#F54748 (Supernova Scarlet)
This vibrant color can be used for important elements that need to stand out, like buttons or calls to action, symbolizing the explosion of a supernova.
#C51130 (Galaxy Garnet)
This deep red can be used for emphasis or to draw attention to specific elements, representing the mysterious red hues of distant galaxies.
I dont like the red, can you give it some blues or purples instead?
I have replaced the red hues with blues and purples to meet the user's preferences. The new palette includes #1A1B26 (Deep Space), #717D8A (Meteorite Grey), #ECEEF5 (Starlight White), #6D7FAD (Stellar Blue), #4B3F72 (Cosmic Purple).

Space Blues

#1A1B26 (Deep Space)
This deep, dark blue is perfect for backgrounds and elements that need to recede.
#717D8A (Meteorite Grey)
A neutral grey that works well for typography and UI elements.
#ECEEF5 (Starlight White)
A soft white for backgrounds and to contrast with the darker colors.
#6D7FAD (Stellar Blue)
A medium blue that can be used for accents and to draw attention to specific elements.
#4B3F72 (Cosmic Purple)
A deep purple that can be used for accents and to add a pop of color.