Indian Palette

indian colour palette
The Indian Palette combines vibrant and earthy tones to create a harmonious blend of colors that reflect the rich cultural heritage of India. From the energetic Persimmon to the grounding Olive, this palette offers a range of options for creating bold and balanced designs.

Indian Palette

#FFC300 (Saffron)
Symbolic of strength and bravery, perfect for accent pieces.
#008080 (Teal)
Inspired by Indian Ocean, great for creating calm spaces.
#800000 (Maroon)
Rich and warm, ideal for creating cozy environments.
#FF5733 (Persimmon)
Vibrant and energetic, perfect for adding a pop of color.
#808000 (Olive)
Earthy and grounding, suitable for bringing balance to a room.
Make my palette softer
A softer version of the Indian color palette, with muted and pastel shades for a calm and soothing environment.

Soft Indian Palette

#FFDAB9 (Peach Puff)
Soft and warm, perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere.
#66CDAA (Medium Aquamarine)
A gentle touch of nature, great for calming spaces.
#A0522D (Sienna)
A muted earth tone, ideal for grounding a design.
#FFA07A (Light Salmon)
A soft pop of color, perfect for accent pieces.
#9ACD32 (Yellow Green)
A muted green, suitable for bringing balance to a room.
this is ugly
This palette is inspired by traditional Indian colors, featuring rich, warm hues that are reminiscent of spices, earth, and precious metals. The colors are vibrant yet balanced, offering a variety of options for creating a harmonious design.

Indian Spice

#B87333 (Copper)
A rich, warm hue, perfect for adding depth and warmth.
#FF7F50 (Coral)
A vibrant, energetic color, great for accents and highlights.
#800000 (Maroon)
A deep, rich color, ideal for grounding a design.
#FFD700 (Gold)
A bright, luxurious color, perfect for adding a touch of elegance.
#8B4513 (Saddle Brown)
A strong, earthy color, great for creating a sense of stability.