Bad Ass Strong

Bad ass, strong.
A palette of strong and bold colors with warm undertones, perfect for creating a powerful and confident design.

Bad Ass Strong

#1C1C1C (Charcoal)
A strong, bold color for backgrounds and large areas.
#6B4423 (Dark Brown)
For text and accents, providing a sturdy, grounded feel.
#A52A2A (Brown)
A rich, warm color for highlighting important elements.
#D2691E (Chocolate)
Adds a touch of warmth and comfort.
#E9967A (Dark Salmon)
A softer color for balance, ideal for highlights.
Make my palette softer
A palette of soft, gentle pinks for a soothing and calming design.

Soft Pink

#F2D8E6 (Pink Lace)
A soft, light pink for a gentle, calming background.
#F4C2C2 (Baby Pink)
A slightly deeper pink for balance and warmth.
#F7CAC9 (Rose Quartz)
A warm, comforting color for main elements.
#FDE0DC (Petal Pink)
A subtle, soothing color for accents and highlights.
#FEF3F5 (Isabelline)
A very light, almost white color for contrast and brightness.
make a emo anime palette
This palette captures the essence of emo anime aesthetics with dark, moody colors and bold, vibrant accents.

Emo Anime

#2B303A (Gunmetal)
A dark, moody color for backgrounds and deep shadows.
#6B3E26 (Kenyan Copper)
A rich, warm brown for character hair and details.
#A9A9A9 (Dark Gray)
A neutral gray for clothing and secondary elements.
#FF4500 (Orange Red)
A bold, vibrant color for highlights and important features.
#7F00FF (Psychedelic Purple)
A deep, vibrant purple for accents and unique elements.
Make my palette more vibrant
A vibrant and energetic palette with bold, saturated colors.

Vibrant Energy

#3C1053 (Dark Purple)
A deep, vibrant purple for backgrounds and bold accents.
#D62828 (Cherry Tomato)
A bright, energetic red for standout elements and highlights.
#F77F00 (Orange Peel)
A vivid, warm orange for dynamic details and features.
#FCBF49 (Saffron)
A bright, cheerful yellow for light accents and contrast.
#EAE2B7 (Isabelline)
A soft, light beige for balance and calmness.