Purple Photo Palette

Create a colour palette for my photo that will shoot purple colour
A palette inspired by the color purple, featuring shades ranging from soft lilac to vibrant violet.

Purple Photo Palette

#D5A8D4 (Lilac)
A soft, light purple for a gentle, calming feel.
#7F00FF (Vivid Violet)
A vibrant, rich purple for a pop of color.
#6A0DAD (Purple)
A deep, royal purple for a sense of luxury.
#B39EB5 (Lavender Gray)
A muted, grayish purple for balance and neutrality.
#E0B0FF (Mauve)
A pale, pastel purple for a touch of femininity.
Complementary for purple
A palette designed to complement a purple hue, featuring lime, jade, crimson, and ocean blue.

Purple Complementary

#6A0DAD (Purple)
A deep, royal purple for a sense of luxury.
#ADCF0D (Lime)
A bright, zesty lime to complement the purple.
#0DAD6A (Jade)
A rich, deep jade for a touch of nature.
#AD0D33 (Crimson)
A bold, vibrant crimson for a pop of energy.
#0D6AAD (Ocean Blue)
A calming, serene ocean blue to balance the palette.