Personalised Gifts

Create a colour pallet for a personalised gifts decor and design brand.
The Personalised Gifts color palette features warm and inviting tones, with Vanilla Ice as the base color. Rose Gold adds an elegant touch, while Cranberry provides a pop of color for accents. Coffee Bean adds richness and contrast, and Cod Gray brings depth and grounding for typography and outlines.

Personalised Gifts

#F4E1D2 (Vanilla Ice)
Soft and inviting, perfect for a warm, welcoming base color.
#E6B39A (Rose Gold)
Elegant and chic, ideal for highlighting important elements.
#D98989 (Cranberry)
Adds a pop of color, great for accents and details.
#6D4C41 (Coffee Bean)
Rich and bold, suitable for text and contrast.
#423835 (Cod Gray)
Deep and grounding, excellent for typography and outlines.
We are a very luxurious brand for a very specific client type, we prefer strong assertive and luxurious colours
This palette exudes luxury and sophistication, with a range of deep, rich hues and lighter, more subtle tones. The colors are assertive yet refined, perfect for a personalised gifts decor and design brand.

Luxurious Personalised Gifts

#A39193 (Cold Turkey)
A sophisticated neutral, ideal for backgrounds and large surfaces.
#8C4750 (Old Brick)
A rich, assertive color, perfect for highlighting luxury items.
#4A2F3E (Blackberry)
Deep and luxurious, great for text and accents.
#D3A625 (Buddha Gold)
Bold and opulent, suitable for highlighting premium elements.
#F2E6B1 (Champagne)
Light and elegant, excellent for soft contrasts and details.